Next phase for construction project of Małaszewicze Logistics Park

Infrastructure development: Kazakhstan getting ready for increased traffic on Middle Corridor

Poland wants more transport connections from Czechia to its ports

Hermes-Trading: war makes fundamental changes in grain export from Ukraine

Speeding up Middle Corridor: construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway to start in autumn 2022

Rail guided by tracks: ERA outlines key obstacles for developing combined transport in Europe

Ukrainian business urgently needs new supply chains

Waiting for more goods from Ukraine: Romania to upgrade broad gauge railway to Port of Galați

Port of Gdańsk to handle additional 1-2 million tonnes of goods from Ukraine in 2022

Ukraine and Poland to establish joint rail venture

Improvement for New Silk Road: sanitary control to be implemented at Siemianówka railway border crossing in Poland

Alternative logistics: Ukraine looks for new gateways to export its goods



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