Intermodal in Poland: rail sets new milestones in moving containers in 2021

PKP Cargo expands fleet of multisystem locomotives

Trucks vs trains: what is behind rail freight tensions between Poland and Ukraine

PKP Cargo enters road freight market

Poland plans to change owner of Małaszewicze Reloading Region

PKP Cargo Terminale to increase transhipment capacity in Małaszewicze

Poland should reap benefits of Małaszewicze as much as possible

Partnerships instead of mergers: PKP Cargo reinforces rail connectivity between Central Eastern Europe and Turkey

New milestone towards creation of Małaszewicze Logistics Park

PKP Cargo intensifies rail freight traffic between Małaszewicze and Warsaw

PKP Cargo launches new intermodal service between Poznań and Duisburg

PKP Cargo launches container train between Czechia and Turkey



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