Are there any real ideas on how to restore the shipbuilding industry in Europe and the US?

Large increase in rail container transport from China to Poland

Large increase in container transport by rail from China to Europe in 1Q 2024

US government wants to replace Chinese STS cranes in ports

Growing rail freight traffic between China and Russia causes congestion at border terminals

The Khorgos Terminal handled over 7,000 China–Europe trains in 2022

Małaszewicze still a key Eurasian transport hub for Chinese logistics companies

Lufthansa Cargo to add more capacity on flights from Europe to Asia and North America

DB Cargo Polska: New Silk Road will soon have more competition

New intermodal link between China and Serbia

Dachser shifts its China-Europe intermodal link from Eurasian Land Bridge to Middle Corridor

Speeding up Middle Corridor: construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway to start in autumn 2022



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