Port of Gdańsk to repeat tender for grain terminal

2024/05/22 at 9:18 PM

The Port of Gdańsk Authority decided to cancel the tender for leasing the investment area located in the vicinity of the Baltic Hub terminal. It is planned to announce a new procedure with changed rental conditions.

Source: Port Gdańsk

On 15 May of the current year, the Port of Gdańsk decided to cancel the tender for leasing a plot of land with an area of 24 hectares, where the construction of a new grain terminal is planned. This area is covered by a permit for the construction of a terminal intended for the transhipment of agricultural goods. This area is located in the Outer Port area, adjacent to the Balti Hub and the coal terminal. Access to the deep-water part of the Port of Gdańsk and good infrastructure connections are the advantages of this plot.

On 20 May, the Port of Gdańsk Authority issued a statement explaining the reason for cancelling the tender and announcing the launch of a new procedure with changed conditions. We publish the announcement below:

“On 15 May 2024, the Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. with its registered office in Gdańsk (hereinafter PGA), under § 2.1.18 of the Documentation, cancelled without giving reasons the Tender No. 1/SRH/2024 for the lease of a developed land property with an area of 239,502.00 square metres located in Gdańsk. The PGA confirms that the Tender was the subject of interest of several entities, which sent almost 300 questions to the PGA regarding this Tender. The PGA provided answers, which are available on the PGA website. As part of them, entities submitted demands indicating a significant need to change the terms of the Tender.

In such a factual and legal situation, the new Management Board of the PGA took the position that cancelling the Tender is the optimal solution and should take place before the deadline for submitting offers.

The decision taken by the PGA to cancel the Tender allows announcing and conducting a tender based on new conditions. The PGA plans to announce a new tender later this year. Therefore, from 15 May 2024, the PGA is working intensively to define new conditions for the next tender to lease of this property”.

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