ERFA re-elects President and Vice-President

2023/11/21 at 4:10 PM

During the ERFA Board of Directors meeting held on 16 November 2023 in Milan (I), the decision was taken to re-elect Dirk Stahl as ERFA President and Maciej Gladyga as ERFA-Vice President.

Both mandates are for a two-year period up until November 2025. This period will involve a lot of change within the European Institutions, with European elections in May 2024, and with it a new European Commission and Parliament. In the short term, it will also involve closing strategically important files such as the TEN-T and Capacity Management Regulation as well as the revision of the Combined Transport Directive and State Aid Guidelines for Railway Undertakings.

Mr. Stahl is the CEO of BLS Cargo. BLS Cargo operates with about 400 employees in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium and is one of the main corridor operators providing rail freight transport services on the north-south corridor between the North Sea and the Mediterranean as well as on other corridors from Belgium. Mr. Stahl has extensive experience in the international rail freight market and is well acquainted with the needs of the sector.

Mr. Gladyga is the Managing Director of IGTL (Land Transport Chamber of Commerce of Poland). Within this role, Mr. Gladyga represents operators of various sizes and wagon keepers within the Polish rail freight market, as well as construction companies and manufacturers. IGTL is a leading organization promoting the interests of the railway industry in Poland for almost three decades. Mr. Stahl and Mr. Gladyga have served as President and Vice-President respectively since November 2019.

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