VTG Steel Train

2023/11/16 at 5:16 PM

The steel industry currently accounts for approximately 10% of global CO2 emissions. The transformation in this sector is therefore key to reducing climate change. The VTG concern, which offers a wide portfolio of products and services specifically for the steel industry – from appropriate wagons and innovative superstructures to optimized forwarding and traction processes and digital solutions, has formed the “VTG Steel Train” – a set of wagons presenting innovative solutions – to promote its solutions. This train set off on its journey across Europe in mid-August. By mid-November, he visited several locations in Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Poland. In line with the goal “Real. Green. Transport for life.” presented the steel industry how VTG can effectively support its transformation process.

photo: Radoslaw Kopras

On October 26, “VTG Steel Train” stopped in Poland. At the container terminal of VTG’s partner – Rail Polska sp. z o.o. in Włosienica you could admire the rolling stock presenting modern solutions for steel transport – mostly based on intermodal solutions. The train was headed by locomotive 207E-008 – a modern electric locomotive manufactured by Rail Polska – Zakład Toboru Kolejowego in Włosienica. Based on the modernized chassis of the M62 locomotive, a completely new design of a six-axle electric locomotive with a power of 2,400 kW was created, with microprocessor control and converters of Polish production.

On the train, invited guests admired, among others, various solutions based on intermodal wagons:

ModuPallet Coil&Steel modules for transporting steel both in coils and in the form of plates and pipes. The modules were presented on Sggrrs 2x 40′ wagons, but they can be used in various configurations – depending on needs – for example on single 40′ or 60′ wagons.

ModuPallet Steel modules for transporting rails, pipes or steel plates on Sggrrs wagons. Here, too, the modular structure allows the use of a number of combinations and adaptation to the needs of a specific product.

Multimodal Box bulk Scrap 32 modules, which are universal containers in the 20′ container format, adapted to transport all types of scrap. The special design is resistant to damage. Additional cleaning doors enable quick cleaning of the interior of the remains of the transported goods.

Flat containers for transporting cold and hot sheet metal coils. the size of the 20′ flat container enables efficient reloading between the railway and road platforms.

Multimodal Box Bulk Coil & Pallet – containers with a sliding roof in 20′ format for transporting both sheet metal coils and goods on pallets. Interior adaptation is quick and safe. The soft tarpaulin protecting the load has a special structure on the inside that prevents water vapor from condensing inside.

Tank wagon built on the basis of the M2 modular wagon and a 40′ tank container

In addition to intermodal solutions, many other concepts for the steel industry were also presented – Res type platforms with wooden or steel floors, steel transport wagons with tarpaulin roofs to protect the cargo from weather conditions, covered wagons of VTG’s partner – Transswagon – with sliding walls and divided internal space . The guests also looked with interest at the coal wagon, which, thanks to additional points for securing the load, can be successfully used in the steel industry.

The multitude of interesting intermodal solutions that could be seen in the “Steel Train” warehouse means that we will soon return to Intermodalnews with a series of articles presenting individual solutions in detail. We can only be happy that so much is changing on our tracks and there is constant striving to optimize transport processes – also in such a difficult sector as the steel industry.

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