Viasea Shipping plans to build hydrogen-powered container ships

2023/11/13 at 2:40 PM
Tags: Viasea

Enova is providing substantial support of a total of 171.8 million Norwegian kroner to Viasea Shipping for the acquisition of two hydrogen-powered container ships. Once completed, these ships will be deployed in Viasea’s existing routes between Norway and the Northern Europe.

Viasea aims to take the lead and inspire the maritime industry to invest in emission-free vessels. This vessel concept is designed for exceptionally lower energy consumption, combining new, emission-free technologies such as green hydrogen and rotor sails for the direct utilization of nature’s own renewable energy.

Hydrogen refuelling is initially planned in Norway. As hydrogen becomes available elsewhere along the planned route, the ships will be able to operate entirely without diesel. At the startup the combination of hydrogen and diesel operation will result in over a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to an equivalent diesel-powered vessel. With 100% hydrogen operation, the ship will be emission-free.

For Viasea Shipping, offering greener freight alternatives to the market is crucial. Since the founding of the company in 2016, the vision has been to provide the best sea freight option compared to road freight, considering environmental impact, time, and cost. The latest strategy places even more emphasis on the environmental and sustainability aspects of sea freight, with plans to build two new ships supported by Enova funds.

“We believe that advanced green hydrogen technology will revolutionize maritime transport in Europe, resulting in zero emissions. Since the founding of Viasea Shipping seven years ago, the goal has been to deliver more sustainable transport to the market. First as a greener alternative to road transport, and now with a focus on zero-emission maritime transport in Europe. This is our first step.” Morten Pettersen, Managing Director Viasea Shipping

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