Port of Koper has strengthened his partnership ties in Vienna and Prague

2023/10/31 at 1:19 PM

The traditional receptions for Port of Koper’s business partners in Austria and the Czech Republic attracted more than 400 guests. On Wednesday, 24 October, we gathered in the picturesque surroundings of the Natural History Museum in Vienna, while a day later we met at the Prague City Hall. Representatives of the Koper port community also attended the events.

In recent years, the traditional event has grown beyond its original scope and has become not only a place to socialise, but also an opportunity for business networking and strengthening partnership ties. The past successes of the Port of Koper are largely due to its business partners and customers, who are a key link in the logistics chain.

Luka Koper company in Austria for more than 50 years 

The Austrian market is the most important for the Port of Koper and Slovenia. We opened our representative office in Vienna in 1968, which means that we have been present in Austria for more than 50 years. “Over the years, we have worked together to overcome challenges, achieve goals, grow, develop and meet our business plans. We have forged genuine and strong bonds, which are reflected in our shared achievements. Last year, we handled more than 23 million tonnes of various goods at the Port of Koper, of which more than 30% were destined for the Austrian market,” said Nevenka Kržan, President of the Management Board of the Port of Koper, at the reception in Vienna.

As we believe that the Port of Koper can offer even more to its partners, we are already implementing a number of activities and projects to expand our facilities and increase the storage capacity of our terminals, in particular the Container Terminal, which is also of strategic importance for the Port of Koper.

Back in Prague after a break of a few years

The day after the reception in Vienna, most of our colleagues and representatives of the Port of Koper community continued their journey to the Czech Republic, where we organised a reception for the local logistics partners. More than 140 guests attended the event at the Prague City Hall. “The Czech Republic is an extremely important hinterland market for the Port of Koper, especially in the container and car segments. It has been a few years since the last official reception, but during this period we have invested heavily in the modernisation and development of the port infrastructure. All with the aim of meeting the needs of the growing market,” said Ms. Kržan, President of the Management Board, at the event.

The reception was also an excellent opportunity for introducing the new representative of the Port of Koper for the Czech and Slovak markets, Igor Pamič“I am delighted to be part of our extended family and to have been welcomed so warmly. I would like to see the Port of Koper continue to work constructively with its business partners in the Czech Republic. I will make every effort to further strengthen our ties and extend my full support to all our customers,” said Pamič.

The company will organise two more receptions – in Bratislava and Budapest in mid-November.

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