The consortium of Vinci Airports and IFM is a strategic investor of CPK.Lotnisko

2023/10/30 at 1:21 PM
Tags: CPK

CPK has selected Vinci Airports and IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM) as the preferred bidder in the competition for a strategic investor. The decision was made after a several months long private investor selection process. Talks were held with a wider range of candidates from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has selected the most favourable bid in the competition for a strategic investor organised by CPK.Lotnisko, which is going to build and manage the new airport. The French-Australian proposal submitted jointly by Vinci Airports and the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund won.

CPK launched the process of acquiring an investor in mid-2022. The procedure ended on 13 October this year with CPK’s decision to select the bid of Vinci Airports and IFM GIF as the most favourable in the competition for the CPK.Lotnisko strategic investor.

As a result of the construction phasing of an airport capable of handling 40 million passengers per year, CPK managed to reduce initial capital expenditures by 16 percent. The acquisition of up to 49% of shares will mean attracting approximately PLN 8 billion of direct investment to Poland. Investors applied for the acquisition of shares only in CPK.Lotnisko, and not the shares in other companies controlled by CPK. In particular, the process does not allow for the privatisation of shares in Polskie Porty Lotnicze SA (PPL) or Chopin Airport.

Vinci Airports is a company owned by the Vinci Group and headquartered in Paris. It is a world leader in the design, construction, financing and operation of infrastructure projects. Vinci is active in 120 countries and employs more than 270,000 people. The company’s current portfolio includes 65 airports in 12 countries, which in 2019 (before the COVID-19 pandemic) served over 240 million passengers.

IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM ) is an infrastructure investment fund based in Australia. IFM has approximately USD 143 billion in assets under management, of which approximately USD 64 billion is dedicated to equity investments in infrastructure. IFM Investors currently manages investments in 17 airports in different countries, which together handled more than 232 million passengers in 2019. These include Vienna, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

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