Ship collision on the Suez Canal. There was a risk of blocking the crossing

2023/08/23 at 5:57 PM
Tags: Suez Canal

Last night, the LNG carrier BW Lesmes got stuck across the Suez Canal for a while. There was a collision between the tanker and the gas carrier. The risk of blocking the Canal was quickly resolved.

Source: Marine Traffic

A collision occurred between the tanker Burri and the gas carrier BW Lesmes on Tuesday night and Wednesday, at around 10:30 p.m. Polish time. The entire incident was reported by Marine Traffic, which also provided a timeline of events on a map, which shows that it was the gas tanker BW Lesmes that was still immobilized and positioned across the Canal before the collision, while the tanker Burri passed the Athens Spirit ship moments before the collision and, turning to port, struck the gas tanker.

BW Lesmes unblocked the crossing at around 2 a.m. Polish time. The Burri, on the other hand, is being towed by the Suez Canal manager at the moment. The Suez Canal is one of the world’s busiest waterways and the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia. About 12% of the world’s trade flows through the Canal. In 2021, the huge container ship Ever Given ran aground, halting traffic in both directions for six days and disrupting global trade.

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