ELL Vectron MS locomotive delivered to Bahnoperator

2023/08/03 at 10:38 AM

ELL (European Locomotive Leasing) – European market leader in Vectron locomotive leasing and owner of the largest fleet of Vectron locomotives among the ROSCO companies handed over the first MS Vectron to new customer TE Bahnoperator GmbH.

Vectrons are the most modern universal locomotives on the European market, with a modular structure, enabling easy adaptation to the requirements of use and the specificity of driving in domestic and cross-border traffic, both passenger and freight traffic in Europe.

The new vehicle is homologated for operation in Germany, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia, while the vehicles from the Vectron platform – as the only modern locomotives in Europe – are already approved for operation in 20 European countries.

TE Bahnoperator is a leading, independent rail operator in transport between Asia and Europe. With own rented locos and railway wagons it offers flexbile rail solutions inside Europe with extension of their service with long-term rail network partner. Every week, it serves over 72 destinations in China and Europe, which in total gives over 2,300 active connections – every week and 365 days a year and it is one of the leading suppliers in its industry. The cooperation  with ELL allows TE Bahnoperator to extend their Vectron fleet for southern and western european countries. More information at www.bahnoperator.com

ELL (European Locomotive Leasing) is the European market leader in Vectron locomotive leasing and owner of the largest fleet of Vectrons among the ROSCOs, with currently more than 200 locomotives of this type in its fleet. The scope of ELL’s offer includes the rental of locomotives in a full-service option containing a wide partner-network enabling the customer to make full use of the locomotives in domestic and international traffic and achieve the highest availability rate in the market. More information at https://www.ell.co.at/ 

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