Diamond Line ships call at the Hutchison Ports Gdynia terminal

2023/07/27 at 1:38 PM

Diamond Line, a feeder line belonging to the Chinese COSCO Shipping Lines group, announced the extension of its service connecting the ports of the Baltic and North Seas with calls at the Hutchison Ports Gdynia terminal. As part of this service, ships will enter Gdynia every Saturday.

The first call of the Diamond Line container ship at the GCT terminal took place on Saturday, July 22. As part of the GBX service, the ships of this shipowner will call at the ports of Klaipeda, Kotka, Helsinki, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Hamburg and Bremerhaven every week. This service also provides connections to various ports in Europe, Central America, USA, Canada and South America.

It takes 14 days to cover the entire loop, and the connection is served by the container ship OOCL RAUMA, built in 2009, which has a capacity of 1,425 TEU and sails under the flag of the Netherlands, and the vessel BALTIC SHEARWATER, which takes on board 1,638 TEU and flies the flag of Cyprus.

Recently, the Hutchison Ports Gdynia terminal was enriched with a new connection of the shipowner Ocean Network Express (ONE) as part of the IBESCO service, which connects Gdynia with Western European ports.

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