Intermodal transport in Poland in 1Q 2023

2023/07/12 at 5:43 PM

In 1Q 2023 5.8 m tonnes of goods were transported by intermodal rail operators. The transport performance amounted to nearly 1.9 bn tonne-km. When compared to 1Q 2022, intermodal transport performance decreased by 12%.

From January to March 2023 rail carriers transported more than 5.8 m tonnes of intermodal freight. Comparing these results with figures for 1Q 2022, there was a drop by 0.8 m tonnes (-12.1%). The transport performance reached 1.9 bn tonne-km, down by almost 0.3 bn tonne-km (-12.5%). In 1Q 2023 rail operators transported more than 397,000 units, which was nearly 625,000 TEUs. When compared to 1Q 2022, the number of units transported decreased by 11.3% (by TEU by 15.3%).

In 1Q 2023 intermodal transport accounted for 9.6% (in weight) and 11.6% (in transport performance) of the rail freight market.

The situation across our Eastern border undoubtedly affected rail transport, including intermodal transport. The total weight of goods carried through border crossings on the New Silk Road in 1Q 2023 fell by nearly 50% year-on-year. For the basic parameters of intermodal transport we recorded double-digit decline in 1Q 2023 compared to 1Q 2022.  We are still unsure how the geopolitical situation will affect intermodal transport in the longer term. Certainly, this segment has potential. Intermodal transport also operates on North-South routes from seaports, so it is necessary to look for new connections and develop offer for customers – notes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

Comparing the results for 1Q 2023 with those for 4Q 2022, there are also declines. The weight of goods carried decreased by more than 0.3 m tonnes (5.5%) and the transport performance fell by nearly 0.1 bn tonne-km (4.2%). Other parameters, such as the number of units carried, was down by over 8,000 units (2%) and the number of TEUs was down by nearly 27,000 TEUs (4.1%).

In 1Q 2023 rail intermodal transport services were performed by 23 licensed carriers. For parameters like total weight carried and transport performance the companies with the largest shares in intermodal transport were: PCC Intermodal, DB Cargo Polska and PKP Cargo.

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