The INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2023 Congress will take place on the logistics map to Europe

2023/06/12 at 6:14 PM

The Małaszewicze – Terespol logistic hub is a unique place on the map of Eurasia, which in the last decade has been of key importance for the development of intermodal connections between China and other Asian countries with Europe. It is also the place where the most important event of the multimodal transport industry in Poland has been held for 3 years. The INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2023 Congress will be an excellent opportunity to debate the importance of Małaszewicze and other logistics hubs for the Polish economy.

The so-called “dry port” in Małaszewicze has been a transshipment hub enabling freight transport at the junction of European and broad-gauge railway networks since the 1940s. This train station is located on the shortest rail route connecting China with Europe. For this reason, it has become a logistics hub for trans-Eurasian intermodal connections.

The Russian-Ukrainian war and its consequences had a significant impact on the functioning of this logistics hub and the entire New Silk Road railroad. During the INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2023 congress, a debate will be held on the changing role of this hub, its functioning, planned investments and the importance of this dry port for the Polish and European TSL industry. During this event, there will also be a study visit to the logistics terminals of the Małaszewicze – Terespol region, thanks to which the participants of the Congress will be able to see how this place works in practice. INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2023 will take place on June 13-15 at the ARCHE Zamek Janów Podlaski hotel

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