Port of Gdańsk has a new CEO from Gdańsk

2023/04/24 at 4:27 PM
Tags: Port Gdańsk

Łukasz Malinowski has been elected by the Supervisory Board as President of the Management Board of Port of Gdańsk Authority. He is due to take up his new position on 27 April of this year.

The new CEO is an experienced manager and legal advisor with 20 years of professional experience, specialising in corporate management and legal teams. For the past three years, he has managed the operations of the Gdańsk branch of Energa-Operator S.A, now part of the Orlen Group. He has been with the Energa Group since 2016 at various management levels, including being in charge of corporate management and personnel policy areas. He also worked for Bank BPH S.A. (GE Capital Group) for more than seven years and previously also for Nordea Bank Polska S.A.

A legal adviser, he graduated from the University of Gdańsk and ran his own offices as well as working with well-known law firms in the Tri-City area. The competition for the new CEO of the Port of Gdańsk was announced late in March of this year.

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