Combined transport in Europe fell by 6.46% in Q4 2022

2023/02/20 at 6:57 AM

Combined transport in Europe fell by 6.46% in the last quarter of last year, the International Union of Combined Road and Rail Transport (UIRR) reported.

fot. Pixabay

The worse results of intermodal transport were affected by the deterioration of the punctuality of trains in Europe and high electricity prices for railway carriers. The UIRR forecasts that in 2023 it will be difficult for the intermodal industry. The UIRR Sentiment Index is now negative for the first time since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

The weaker sentiment of entrepreneurs in the combined transport industry is due not only to the economic slowdown in Europe, but also to rising costs. Only a few EU Member States took advantage of the opportunities introduced by the EU directive and intervened in the electricity market to reduce electricity prices for end users in industries that are particularly exposed to increased costs and loss of competitiveness. Industry organizations have been warning for several months that due to the increase in operating costs, which for intermodal transport are growing faster than for car transport, Europe is threatened with a negative change in modality in transport.

“Without effective regulatory intervention to cap traction electricity price increases at the level of diesel price changes, modal shift and the gradual reduction of CO2 emissions delivered by Combined Transport within the freight transportation sector will come to a halt. The sector also urgently needs an improvement of the punctuality performance of railway subcontractors and quality train paths from infrastructure managers.” said Ralf-Charley Schultze, President of UIRR.

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