Schavemaker introduced the first electric truck to its fleet

2023/02/09 at 6:32 PM

Schavemaker has introduced Volvo Trucks’ first electric truck to its fleet in the Netherlands. The e-truck is in operation 24/7 between the Tata Steel plant in Velsen and the Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht warehouses in Velsen-Noord.

„We are very pleased to have taken this step in collaboration with Volvo Trucks a world leader in the development of electric vehicles. This is just the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable transport system and we will continue to invest in innovation and technology to minimize our impact on the environment.” comments the company on social media.

The emission-free truck enters the factories at the TATA Steel plant and Laura Metaal warehouses and provides better working conditions for drivers. The 180KW fast charging installation for electric vehicles is located on the premises of Schavemaker, and the company’s goal is to obtain as much solar energy as possible from the roofs of warehouses to power the truck.

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