Viasea will send larger ships on the route from Gdynia and Klaipeda to Great Britain and Norway

2023/01/23 at 2:54 PM

The Norwegian shipping operator immediately announced changes to the service in the North Sea and the Baltic. In the area covering the call at the Port of Gdynia, container ship services are available.

The service covers Klaipeda, Gdynia, Norwegian ports, Dutch Moerdijk and British Immingham is extended to Thamesport in England. „The south of UK has significant volumes of import/export to Europe. Adding this alternative port should allow us to assist UK shippers and receivers to reduce their reliance on the heavily congested Channel crossings and will allow greater predictability for deliveries. It will of course also be greener route as calling at Moerdijk will reduce the distances travelled by road when looking to export to the Netherlands / Europe.” the letter said.

Ships will be added to this service, thanks to which the volume of export cargo from Gdynia and Klaipeda to Norway and Great Britain will be transported. The new vessel can carry 45-foot high-cube containers with a width of use up to a standard pallet. Such containers have a capacity like semi-trailers of 13.6 m. The operator also announced that the Viasea ship will depart from Moerdijk twice a week towards Oslo: on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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