The Khorgos Terminal handled over 7,000 China–Europe trains in 2022

2023/01/03 at 1:05 PM

In 2022, the Khorgos Dry Port on the China-Kazakh border served 7,000 trains on the China-Europe route. Last year, the reloading capacity of the local container terminal was expanded.

Khorgos is one of several railway crossings on the Chinese border where transshipments are made between 1435 and 1520 mm gauge trains. In recent years, due to the exponential growth of rail traffic on NJS, the dry port there was a bottleneck, where there was often congestion and trains had to wait a long time for clearance. In order to remedy these problems and prepare for the growing traffic of international intermodal trains, the local rail and transhipment infrastructure is being expanded.

In 2022, the Khorgos terminal handled an average of 19 trains on the China-Europe route, and the maximum number of such trains cleared in one day was 27, Xinhua news agency reported.

Trains going to China through this dry port carry 140 different categories of cargo, including: machinery and machine parts from Germany, or raw materials from Central Asian countries. Cargoes go to the provinces of Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai and Chongqing. Currently, 76 different routes of intermodal connections pass through Khorgos.

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