Ermewa expands intermodal fleet: 780 new wagons for 2022

2022/11/24 at 7:19 AM
Tags: Ermewa

530 new built Intermodal wagons have rolled in by the end of the third quarter of 2022, with another 250 wagons to follow by the end of the year: Ermewa is pushing ahead with the expansion of its offer and portfolio in the intermodal segment. 

A total of 780 modern Sgmmnss 40′, Sgnss 60′, Sggrss 80′ and Sggmrss 90’-foot wagons will be added to the portfolio this year. The 4,000-wagon existing fleet in the Intermodal segment is thus growing strongly – and is to be further increased on a large scale in the coming years. By the end of 2030, the company has set itself the goal of growing its fleet in this segment to 10,000 wagons.

Powerful, safe, and ready to support modal shift – the new intermodal wagons are equipped with future-proof components. These include GPS device and pre- equipment to Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC). The new 90′ Sggmrss built by Inveho are a ton lighter than the common models of this size, allowing for more payload or less energy input in traction.

The wagons currently being delivered come from Inveho, as well as wagon builders Greenbrier and Tatravagónka. For the coming year, Ermewa has already ordered +1,000 new intermodal wagons, which are to be delivered by the end of 2023.

With its expanded offering in the Intermodal segment, Ermewa aims to help forwarders shift to rail and thus decarbonate their supply chain. The modal shift in favor of the low-emission rail transport is a major contribution to achieving the European Green deal targets by 2030.

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