Freight transport in Poland increased in the second quarter

2022/10/26 at 8:21 AM

In 2Q 2022 62.8 m tonnes of freight were carried, which accounted for 15.9 bn tonne-km of the transport performance. This result is 0.5 m tonnes and 1.4 bn tonne-km better than in 1Q 2022. Coal, lignite, crude oil and natural gas was the largest share, i.e. 32.2% of the total weight carried. The largest increase in the weight compared to 1Q 2022 – more than 2.6 m tonnes – was in metal ores, mining and quarrying products group.

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In 2Q 2022 transport of coal, lignite, crude oil and natural gas group dominated, although they fell by 4.2 m tonnes compared to 1Q 2022. The share of this commodity group in 2Q 2022 was 32.2% in weight and 22.3% in the transport performance. Within this group, 98% of the weight carried was coal (19.8 m tonnes).

Metal ores and other mining and quarrying products group accounted for 27.5% in weight and 28.3% in transport performance, respectively. Within this group, 17.2 m tonnes were carried, of which 13.3 m were aggregates, sand, gravel, clays. It is an increase by 2.6 m tonnes compared to 1Q 2022.

The third group in terms of weight and transport performance is coke, briquettes, refined petroleum products, industrially produced gases. Its share was 12.3% in weight and 16.8% in transport performance. In 2Q 2022 7.6 m tonnes of goods with this group were carried, which accounted for 2.7 bn tonne-km in transport performance. In weight it was 0.03 m tonnes more than in 1Q 2022.

Non-identifiable goods, which in intermodal transport are mainly consumer goods, accounted for 9.1% in weight and 12.4% in transport performance. This result is 0.05 m tonnes higher than in 1Q 2022.

In the second quarter of 2022 we had a stable situation in rail freight, if we are talking about basic parameters such as the weight of goods transported or the transport performance. However, it was atypical in one aspect. As a result of the blockade of Ukrainian ports, a large part of the local grain was exported by rail via Poland. The transport of this commodity in our country was a record-breaking since the publication of the quarterly results for the commodity groups. More than 1 m tonnes of grain were transported, which is 600,000 tonnes more than in 1Q 2022. We also had a very good result in transport of metals and metal products and iron ores – concludes Ignacy Góra, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

The data shows that in 2Q 2022 64% of the weight of goods was carried in domestic transport, 20% in imports, 13% in exports and 3% in transit. By transport performance it was 56%, 15%, 22% and 8% respectively. A large increase in imports and transit was observed for some types cargo, which was mainly related to the current situation in Ukraine.

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