Langowski Logistics opens new warehouse in Gdańsk

2022/08/17 at 5:33 PM

A new warehouse of Langowski Logistics was opened in Gdańsk on 16 August. It is the largest facility of this type of the Tri-City-based logistics company. In recent months, the demand for warehouse services in Poland has significantly increased.

New warehouse of Langowski Logistics in Gdańsk, source: Langowski Logistics

The new warehouse of Langowski Logistics has an area of 17,500 square metres and, as the company informed on social media, it is the second-largest hall in the Pomeranian Logistics Centre. The first Langowski Logistics warehouse was opened in 2015, and the company’s development led to that in 2020, it had five such facilities in the most important locations for the logistics industry in Poland: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warsaw and Łódź. “In the first half of 2022, we gradually increased the total area of our warehouses to 34,000 square metres, and yesterday this number increased to 43,000 square metres,” the company stated.

President Halina Langowska and Vice President Tomasz Langowski at the opening of the warehouse, source: Langowski Logistics

“Due to the very high demand for warehousing services in Poland, caused by, inter alia, the increase in orders for the transport of goods to Ukraine and other destinations, Langowski Logistics decided that the older warehouse in Gdańsk would operate in three shifts,” informed Tomasz Langowski, vice president of the company in an interview with IntermodalNews.

The attendees of the Intermodal in Poland 2022 conference, in which representatives of Langowski Logistics will also participate, will discuss the new challenges of the logistics industry. The conference agenda and organisational information can be found at: https://intermodalinpoland.eu/janow-podlaski-malaszewicze-2022f/

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