CM Logistik Gruppe orders extendable container semi-trailers

2022/08/15 at 6:31 PM

To keep pace with the rapid growth, CM Logistik Gruppe, a German major intermodal operator, will increase its fleet of semi-trailers. The road haulier has ordered 40 extendable multifunctional container chassis vehicles from Kässbohrer. By purchasing new units, CM Logistik Gruppe will strengthen its flexibility as each semi-trailer can move various types of containers.

Kässbohrer, a major semi-trailer manufacturer, and CM Logistik Gruppe established their new partnership with 40 Middle-Rear Extendable Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AMH vehicles. CM Logistik Gruppe is a reliable service company for container transport and logistics companies in their operations. With its rapid growth since its establishment in 2011, CM Logistik Gruppe trusted Kässbohrer’s reliability, high quality, and robustness for its new investment.

Kässbohrer extendable container chassis vehicle, source: Kässbohrer

“We are very impressed with Kässbohrer’s extendable container chassis vehicles with a gooseneck that provides maximum flexibility in our customers’ operations. With our new investment K.SHG AVMH vehicles, our customers can safely carry 1×20-foot rear flush and 2 x20-foot positioning, 30-foot containers and of course, 40-foot ISO and HC containers as well as presenting different loading combinations for container types during their/our versatile operations,” said Rabie Sarrad, the general manager of CM Logistik Gruppe.

Intermodal product range

Kässbohrer, the German manufacturer of semi-trailers, developed a wide range of dedicated products for intermodal transport. “We proudly offer 17 Container Chassis vehicles from tank containers to flat chassis to gooseneck non-extendable and gooseneck extendable categories that are suitable for carrying 20-foot tank, 30-foot tank, 40-foot, and 45-foot. Different kinds of containers can be transported in vehicle selection and different lock combinations increase the capability of carrying more container types according to your needs and operations. CM Logistik Gruppe choice extendable container chassis K.SHG AMH’s chassis design provides the best traction and loads distribution performance even when carrying 20-foot containers on the rear side,” added Vincent Koel, Kässbohrer’s region manager for northern Germany.

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