Verbrugge Terminals implements major solar roof project in North Sea Port

2022/08/05 at 12:38 PM

Verbrugge Terminals, a Dutch leading logistics provider, has modernised its storage and transhipment facilities in Vlissingen, which is located within the North Sea Port area. It was equipped with over 77,000 solar panels. The installation was performed by KiesZon, the Dutch specialist in renewable energy for various industries, primarily for the logistics and construction companies.

Scaldia Terminal of Verbrugge International in Vlissingen, source: Verbrugge Terminals

Starting from July 2022, Scaldia Terminal and Zeeland Terminal, the reloading facilities of Verbrugge Terminals that are located in the North Sea Port, have been generating electricity, which is enough for the consumption of almost 9,000 average Dutch households. This is a result of the project implemented by the family-owned terminal operator in a partnership with KiesZon, the Dutch leading company focused on developing solar energy solutions for industries. 77,250 solar panels were installed by the specialist on the roofs of warehouses and terminal buildings. They can annually generate up to 25.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. It is the largest solar roof project for both the province of Zeeland and North Sea Port.

The solar roofs were realised by KiesZon after Verbrugge Terminals, a frontrunner in the field of transport, logistics, supply chain and storage and transhipment, took the initiative to use its many sheds to generate sustainable electricity. The panels, which were installed in Vlissingen, can reduce the annual carbon footprint by up to 15,000 tonnes. Moreover, the solar panels were connected by Stedin (former Enduris), a grid operator, to the distribution station in Vlissingen-Oost, partly through deep drilling under the port area of Vlissingen.

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