Future of global supply chains and Polish logistics industry to be discussed at Intermodal in Poland 2022 conference

2022/07/27 at 2:44 PM

The Intermodal in Poland 2022 conference will be an opportunity to talk about the most important challenges for the logistics industry caused by the pandemic, war conflicts or climate crisis. Due to the inter-university inauguration of the academic year taking place on 30 September and other factors, the organisers decided to reschedule the conference to 27-29 September, so that all invited experts could take part in the event. The full conference programme has already been published in Polish and English at: https://intermodalinpoland.eu/

The war in Ukraine has a complex impact on the logistics industry in Europe. Building new channels for Ukraine’s export and import, including the export of grains and other strategic cargo, is a major challenge. The armed conflict and sanctions also caused major changes to the New Silk Road. The role of Poland on the logistic map of Europe, which is now a frontier country, has also changed. Experts, representatives of the logistics industry and public administration will debate the effects of all these problems and challenges on Tuesday, 27 September. On the same day, there will be a debate on the role of seaports as a key link in logistics chains.

Illustrative picture. Intermodal in Poland 2021 conference in Janów Podlaski, source: IntermodalNews

On the second day of the conference, 28 September, there will be a debate on Polish-Lithuanian cooperation in transport corridors. Lithuania is a country that, due to the war in Ukraine and diplomatic conflicts between the European Union and Belarus and Russia, has to remodel its logistics chains, and entrepreneurs from this country are establishing new business relations with Polish companies.

Another topic that will be discussed is the administrative, legal and economic barriers to the modal shift in freight transport towards zero-emission industries such as railways and intermodal transport. To what extent do the real actions follow the willingness declared by the European leaders to change transport towards sustainable development? The conference participants will answer this question.

The event will be concluded with a debate on the future of global supply chains. Already the period of the pandemic was full of numerous analyses predicting a reversal of globalisation trends and the transfer of part of industrial production to Europe and its closest surroundings. The war in Ukraine and the fuel crisis as well as problems with the supply of semiconductors or strategic raw materials are new challenges for the industry and logistics companies, additionally overlapping with the policy of decarbonising the economy. What will the logistics of the future look like? We will be looking for an answer to this question on 28 September.

In addition to debates and presentation panels, participants of the Intermodal in Poland 2022 conference will be able to take part in a study visit to the logistics terminals of the Małaszewicze-Terespol Reloading Region.

The agenda of the event, registration for participation and other organisational information are available on the dedicated English-language website:


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