Hyster A Series: key features of new line of forklifts for logistics industry

2022/07/21 at 9:00 AM

In spring 2022, the American forklift manufacturer Hyster presented a new line of specialised equipment. It is the A series forklift trucks that can work in many sectors of the economy, primarily at intermodal terminals, ports or logistics centres. What is unique about this latest type of product?

Hyster A Series forklift truck, source: Hyster

“Distinctly Hyster, built for you” – this is how the American manufacturer described its new product line of A Series forklifts (Hyster H2.0-3.5A) with a load capacity from 2 to 3.5 tonnes. On the one hand, the new type of vehicle replaces the older Hyster Fortens and XT models with the same power. At the same time, the Hyster A Series has its own spirit, and this slogan aptly points to the basic philosophy that the manufacturer has instilled in the new machines. It is all about focusing on customers, operators and technologies. It is these three features that distinguish the new Hyster range from its predecessors. Let’s consider these points in more detail.

Focused on customer

Typically, the equipment manufacturers develop a new product line and customers choose the model that best suits their needs. For the A Series trucks, Hyster has decided to go further by adding the A + Logic option. This allows the customer to select the set of forklift functions as accurately as possible to their needs. “With the Hyster A Series, instead of offering options for the truck we’ve already built, we’re building the machine you need to fit your work cycle, environment and tasks,” says the American company. This option not only increases the efficiency of the new truck but also allows companies to use it in their operations to save money and not pay for unnecessary functions.

Focused on operator’s comfort

Another important feature of the Hyster H2.0-3.5A forklifts is the focus on the comfortable working conditions of the operator driving the machine. According to the American manufacturer, the higher the comfort level, the higher the employee’s productivity. For this reason, the new Hyster forklifts have a number of solutions to ensure pleasant working conditions. It is about a spacious cabin with a transparent roof, a comfortable adjustable seat, a clear display showing data about the vehicle’s operation, etc.

Focused on technology

Meeting the needs of customers and forklift operators in modern conditions is difficult to imagine without the latest technologies. That’s why the Hyster A Series forklifts have a whole set of technological solutions. First of all, it is Hyster Tracker, a digital platform that, based on telemetry data, allows you to track the movement of a forklift around a terminal or other industrial facility. Constant monitoring helps to better plan service maintenance and repair of machines. In addition, the new range of Hyster trucks uses other technologies. Among other things, a laser level, thanks to which the vehicle picks up pallets better; LiDAR technology that helps the operator to better detect obstacles while driving the forklift.

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