Stockholm Norvik Port to inaugurate first hydrogen refuelling station in 2023

2022/07/01 at 3:41 PM

Ports of Stockholm, a municipal company that operates the harbours in the Swedish capital and its vicinity, is planning to make its assets sustainable. It considers hydrogen as an efficient way to decarbonise its operations, particularly in road haulage. To this end, the first hydrogen refuelling station will be installed at Stockholm Norvik Port, the newest maritime facility in Sweden.

Being committed to the ambitious goal of making its operations fossil-free by 2030, Ports of Stockholm (‘Stockholms Hamnar’ in Swedish) has teamed up with CMB.TECH, the Belgian specialist in developing hydrogen solutions. The partnership includes the shift of the port vehicles from diesel to hydrogen and the construction of the first hydrogen fuelling station within the area of responsibility of the Ports of Stockholm.

Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port, source: Ports of Stockholm / Per-Erik Adamsson

According to the port operator, the facility will be set up at Stockholm Norvik Port in 2023, which was opened in May 2020. “This is the first port in Sweden we have worked with, and we hope to be able to contribute with our knowledge and experience in converting from diesel to hydrogen. This provides entirely new possibilities to further develop Stockholm Norvik Port as the climate-smart port it already is,” said Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB.TECH.

The implementation of hydrogen-based solutions is one of the directions for the Ports of Stockholm in its environmental policy. The port operating company earlier obtained quality and environmental ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. This means it works in a structured and systematic way to achieve continuous improvements and reduce environmental impacts. The company also reports sustainability according to Core level GRI Standards.

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