Tank containers a reliable option for moving sunflower oil from Ukraine to Port of Klaipeda

2022/06/08 at 11:04 AM

Lithuanian national rail freight operator LTG Cargo has successfully moved a batch of sunflower oil from Ukraine to the Port of Klaipeda. The shipment was carried out with the use of tank containers, which allowed the railway undertaking to easily tranship freight at the border between Poland and Lithuania.

Container train from Ukraine to Lithuania loaded with sunflower oil, source: LTG Cargo

LTG Cargo transported the first batch of the Ukraine-made sunflower oil in the first days of June 2022. 44 tank containers were loaded with sunflower oil in Ukraine in late May. In a few days, they reached Lithuania. Due to the break of gauge, the boxes were transhipped at the Šeštokai border railway station for the delivery to the Port of Klaipeda. This shipment of the Ukrainian sunflower oil was arranged by LTG Cargo Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the Lithuanian railway undertaking, BEGA Stevedoring Company, which is based at the Port of Klaipeda, and other partners.

Grain trains

Sunflower oil has become the third type of freight moved from Ukraine to Lithuania by rail. In April LTG Cargo performed the pilot shipment of feed additive for animals, which was loaded in containers. In May the railway undertaking hauled two container trains from Ukraine loaded with grain. Totally, they delivered around 3,000 tonnes of grain.

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