Poland wants more transport connections from Czechia to its ports

2022/06/07 at 12:45 PM

Being a major trading partner for Czechia, Poland is interested in boosting the exchange of goods between the two countries. Therefore, the new transport connections, mainly by rail, are vitally needed to connect land-locked Czechia with the Polish ports on the Baltic Sea. Both countries will jointly work on enhancing road and rail infrastructure within the TEN-T network.

Illustrative picture. Gdynia Port freight station, source: Damian Strzemkowski, Szymon Danielek / PKP PLK

Poland’s Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic concluded a cooperation agreement on the development of transport connections that connect the Polish sea ports with the Czech territory. The document was signed on Friday, 3 June, during a visit of the Prime Minister of Czechia Petr Fiala to Warsaw. “Poland is one of the main trading partners for Czechia, as the Czech Republic is for us. Central Europe and the European Union win when they are together,” said Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland.

To create more options for launching the new transport connections, the countries will continue to invest in the dedicated infrastructure. Therefore, the development of the TEN-T transport corridor network was one of the key issues for discussions between Mateusz Morawiecki and Petr Fiala. They jointly confirmed that the investments in roads and railways are crucial for mutual trade as well as the economies and companies of both countries. For instance, the Czech rail freight operator Metrans is an active player in the Polish market while PKP Cargo does the same in Czechia.

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