Andrex Logistics Terminal Chryzanów equipped with backup power supply

2022/05/24 at 10:41 AM

Andrex Logistics, the Polish Elbląg-headquartered terminal operator and logistics provider, is continuing to develop its transhipment facility in Chryzanów, near the border with Belarus. Among the latest developments, a reserve medium voltage power line was constructed and put into operation.

In mid-May, Andrex Logistics launched the 15-kilowatt reserve power line. It will ensure electricity supplies and smooth operation of the terminal in the case of damaging the existing line, which runs through Białowieża National Park.

Intermodal terminal in Chryzanów, source: Andrex Logistics

“We are very pleased with another investment in our terminal that will allow our clients to sleep well. The existing line ran through the Białowieża National Park. A dozen or so kilometres of overhead wires in a protected area that cannot be managed by humans caused many troubles for us. With each stronger wind, the old trees were overturned. This caused a power outage. Today, if the supply of energy from one line is interrupted, we switch to another line within a few minutes,” said Łukasz Konończuk, member of the board of Andrzex Logistics, which owns and manages the Chryzanów intermodal terminal.

The Andrex Logistics Terminal Chryzanów, which is located near the Siemianówka/Svisloch railway checkpoint on the Polish-Belarusian border, plays an increasingly important role in international intermodal transport on the New Silk Road, as it is an alternative dry port to Małaszewicze that enables the transhipment of containers between Russian and European gauge wagons. In April 2022, the Polish authorities decided to launch phytosanitary control at the Siemianówka/Svisloch railway border crossing, which may increase the volume of freight moved between Europe and Asia via the Chryzanów terminal.

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