iHub a friendly harbour for containers and freight

2022/05/20 at 12:33 PM

Since November 2021, Centrostal Łódź, a part of the iHub group, has been constantly developing the container depot that was established in Horbów at the border with Belarus. This is the first investment of this type for the Łódź terminal at the eastern border. It’s time for some summaries.

Centrostal Łódź terminal established a container depot in Horbów, source: iHub

The iHub container and freight terminal in the logistic centre of Poland is a logistics operator that has focused on a comprehensive and flexible approach to servicing its clients’ projects with the use of railway and warehouse infrastructure from the very beginning. The company has a terminal infrastructure enabling transhipment at the level of 72,000 TEU per year and storage yards with a capacity of 6,000 TEU in Łódź and 2,000 TEU in Horbów-Kolonia 26a, 21-512 Zalesie. The investment in a second storage yard, which is located just 8 kilometres from the terminals in Małaszewicze, was an important element of the company’s development strategy in 2021.

Warehouse at Centrostal Łódź terminal, source: iHub

The 2022 year brought unexpectedly new challenges. Handling and reloading goods delivered in conventional wagons turned out to be as important as the reloading of containers on flat wagons. The diversified infrastructure enabling the unloading of cargo from wagons in warehouse halls as well as on storage yards has become extremely useful. In Łódź, iHub has warehouse halls with a total area of 25,000 square metres. Customs warehouses, operated by their own customs agency, constitute a significant part of this resource.




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