DB Schenker puts into operation new logistics centre in Finland

2022/05/13 at 1:08 PM

German logistics provider DB Schenker has launched a new distribution centre in the Tampere region of Finland. The facility will serve the country’s second-largest cities and its vicinity. Being designed in line with DB Schenker’s environmental strategy, the new terminal has many sustainable options for reducing its carbon footprint.

DB Schenker logistics centre in Lempäälä, Finland, source: DB Schenker

DB Schenker new logistics centre is located in the municipality of Lempäälä in the Tampere region (Pirkanmaa). It has a total area of around 18,000 square metres, including 12,000 square metres of heated space and 3,900 square metres of unheated loading space in an outdoor hall. Around 340 people work at the terminal. The new facility employs approximately 340 people, including those who work for the carriers. Besides the Tampere region, the distribution terminal will partially cover the nearby Kanta-Häme region. It is expected that five electric trucks will soon begin to deliver freight between Lempäälä and the city core of Tampere.

Solar energy

The Lempäälä terminal will produce energy, which is necessary for recharging the electric vehicles, as it is equipped with its own solar power plant with a surface area of 1,750 square metres, a rated output of 250 kilowatt-peaks and an estimated annual yield of 200 megawatt-hours. The facility will also use geothermal energy and other sustainable solutions such as green asphalt, LED lighting, and airtight loading docks.

“The new Tampere terminal underscores our leadership role in making logistics more and more environmentally friendly. The fact that we actually produce our own solar energy for the fleet in Lempäälä makes our case even more compelling,” said Cyrille Bonjean, head of land transportation for DB Schenker Region Europe.

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