Lufthansa Cargo to add next-generation freighters to its fleet

2022/05/10 at 8:56 AM

Lufthansa Group is gradually extending the fleet of its air freight subsidiary. To this end, the German aviation corporation has booked 10 new freighters from Boeing. Most of the ordered aircraft belong to the 777-8F type, Boeing’s next-generation freighters.

On Monday, 9 May, the Lufthansa Group announced that it will invest in expanding the capacity of Lufthansa Cargo’s freighter fleet. The airline has ordered a total of ten freighters – including three current-technology Boeing 777F freighters and seven 777-8F freighters, Boeing’s next-generation freighter. In addition, leases for two Boeing 777F freighters (current technology), which run through 2024, will be extended for seven years each through 2031.

Boeing-777-8F, source: Lufthansa Cargo

The first of the 777F aircraft, which could be acquired on the used market at short notice, is expected as early as July 2022. Two more brand-new B777Fs will follow at a later date. These new additions will make it possible to market additional freight capacities in the short to medium term with an aircraft type currently available in the industry and established in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet.

Boeing 777-8F

In addition, the Lufthansa Group is making forward-looking investments in seven new B777-8Fs, a technically enhanced freighter version of the B777F. Delivery of these aircraft is expected at a later date between 2027 and 2030.

The new Boeing 777-8F is considered the most powerful freighter aircraft. It has a range of 8,167 kilometres (4410 nautical miles) and a maximum payload of 118 tonnes. Compared to the 777F version, it has 17 per cent more cargo volume. Thanks to the two efficient GE9x engines from General Electric Aviation, fuel consumption is low, which in turn saves emissions. This enables Lufthansa Cargo to run a much more sustainable business, also thanks to low operating costs.

Current fleet

Currently, Lufthansa Cargo’s freighter fleet consists of a total of 15 Boeing 777Fs, four of which are operated by AeroLogic. In addition, there is the capacity of two A321 freighters and the belly capacity of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings Discover. With the order of ten Boeing freighters, Lufthansa Cargo will offer its customers expanded capacities within its global long-haul network in the future.

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