RTB Cargo rents 68 flat wagons from GATX

2022/04/14 at 8:01 AM

German rail freight operator RTB Cargo added 68 flat wagons to its fleet. The new vehicles, which were leased by GATX Rail Europe, are suitable for moving boxes of several types including the 45-foot ones.

GATX Rail Europe, the Austria-based subsidiary of the U.S lessor of rail wagons, has strengthened its position in Europe. The company established a new partnership. It was RTB Cargo, the German family-run rail freight operator, that rented 68 flat wagons from GATX.

GATX flat wagons for RTB Cargo, source: GATX Rail Europe

The vehicles were delivered in late 2021. They belong to types: Sggrs 80‘ and Sggmrs 90‘. The first type is suitable for transporting 20- and 40-foot containers while the second one is dedicated for the 45-foot boxes. “GATX took great care of us. It has been a very positive relationship. Kind and competent, GATX staff was an invaluable resource of information and the foundation of extremely interesting ideas and exchanges on other related topics,” said Julian Kosmehl, head of sales & procurement at RTB Cargo.

Being a company with a European-wide intermodal network and branches in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands, RTB Cargo will use the new flat wagons for delivering containers across the continent, particularly from the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge to the customers in Germany, land-locked Austria and Hungary as well as in other countries. “With our newly built railcars, GATX Rail Europe is proud to support RTB Cargo, a strong, trustworthy and reliable new partner. This collaboration represents an important customer and wagon portfolio expansion for GATX in Europe,” noted Julian Madsen, GATX key account manager.

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