Dachser develops food logistics in Belgium

2022/04/13 at 11:38 AM

Since early April, Dachser Food Logistics has been represented in Belgium through its own country organisation. From now on, it will serve the Belgian food industry from its base in Tournai, a municipality near the French border. The focus is on efficient and reliable export solutions.

The new location’s main focus is on providing transport solutions to Germany and the rest of Central Europe as well as Italy. With daily freight services to Germany, deliveries can reach recipients in under 24 hours. This direct connection to the European Food Network also facilitates efficient deliveries across Europe with fixed transit times. The network’s 23 members provide coverage for a total of 34 European countries.

Dachser Food Logistics truck on the road, source: Dachser

“We see enormous potential in Belgium. With our short transit times, broad product portfolio, and focus on high quality, our Tournai site allows us to make new, attractive offers to the export-oriented Belgian food industry,” says Alfred Miller, Managing Director, Dachser Food Logistics. These are aimed at confectionery companies in particular, but also manufacturers of meat and sausage, dairy, and convenience products.

The new site is located 90 kilometres southwest of Brussels. Part of the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, it ensures coverage of western Belgium. Its operational cooperation partner is the TDL Group, with which Dachser already works closely on distribution. The company is one of the leading providers of temperature-controlled logistics in the Benelux countries and has an extensive network with three cross-dock facilities in Belgium. Eastern Belgium continues to be served from Dachser’s Alsdorf branch, situated close to the German-Belgian-Dutch border.

Markus Biemüller, Branch Manager, Dachser Belgium Food Logistics, adds: “By establishing this new location in Belgium, we want the Belgian food industry to enjoy the benefits of our transport and logistics services on their doorstep. Our team is specialized in exports and has a strong network supporting it, and we will continuously expand our services. For example, our next step will be to set up additional regular daily routes to connect with the Dachser network. What’s more, we’re planning to add another location in central Belgium.”

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