Partnership for future: XSTAFF and OstSped to jointly develop logistics in Poland

2022/03/30 at 3:16 PM

XSTAFF, the Germany-based association that is focused on developing supply chains, will step up its activities in Poland. Its members will receive more options for arranging new transport solutions. This is a result of a new partnership, which was concluded by the organisation with OstSped, a major Polish logistics provider.

Cooperation between XSTAFF and OstSped, source: XSTAFF

Being strongly committed to customer requirements, XSTAFF, which was formed in October 2016 by COOP Schweiz and the Belgian Colruyt Group, is looking for new opportunities in extending and developing its logistics network. To this end, the Düsseldorf-based association with around 50 members has established a partnership with PST OST SPED Sp. z o.o. (or OstSped in brief), the Polish logistics provider with more than three decades in developing supply chains in the domestic market.

“Our members are increasingly requesting on-site logistics services from us, which enable them to travel to destinations not only in Poland but also in other countries in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. We can now fulfil this wish even better thanks to our cooperation with PST OST SPED,” explained Sebastian Gastecki, managing director of XSTAFF Poland.

XSTAFF office in Katowice, source: XSTAFF

More options for growth

Starting from September 2020, XSTAFF has been operating its own location in Katowice. By concluding the partnership with OstSped, the association will receive more options for future growth as it will have unrestricted access to a comprehensive portfolio of services from the Polish partner. OstSped offers a wide range of logistics services at its facilities in Poznań, Kalisz (container terminal), Wrocław, Gliwice and Gdańsk. Moreover, the Polish company operates more than 100 trucks and semi-trailers as well as a storage area of more than 50,000 square metres.

“The demand for logistics know-how and expertise will remain high in many Eastern and Southeastern European countries. It is therefore important to strengthen our network today because only then will we be able to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow,” added Bodo Knop, chairman of the Board of XSTAFF.

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