MSC launches new route to link ports of Baltic Sea with North America

2022/03/30 at 12:16 PM

MSC, the world’s largest shipping line, has inaugurated a new transatlantic service. It links the ports of the Baltic Sea with its counterparts in the US. The new route enables transit time between Klaipeda and New York in 15 days as well as 13 days for the Gdynia-New York section.

MSC Naomi container ship in Klaipeda, source: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority

In mid-March, the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the Switzerland-based container shipping line, commenced a new service between Europe and North America. The first ship sailing on the Scan Baltic to USA route entered the Port of Klaipeda on 26 March. “In the context of losses, we are successfully discovering new markets, we are already compensating freight from the Eastern countries with the freight flows from the Western countries,” said Algis Latakas, general director of the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

According to MSC, the Scan Baltic to USA service links the ports of five countries and has the following route: Klaipeda – Gdynia – Gothenburg – Bremerhaven – New York – Philadelphia – Norfolk – Klaipeda. ” The service will offer Klaipeda to New York in 15 days, Gdynia in 13 days and Goteborg to New York in 11 days, with no transhipment required between load and discharge ports,” the shipping line explained.

MSC launches Scan Baltic to USA service, source: MSC

MSC and Klaipeda

With launching the Scan Baltic to USA service, MSC is running three routes from the Port of Klaipeda. Two other lines provide maritime connections to South America and Asia. In mid-March, the world’s largest container shipping company added Klaipeda to the NWC TO ECUADOR sea route, which connects the Lithuanian port with the harbours in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and other countries. Moreover, the containerised cargo from Klaipeda can be directly shipped on the NWC TO IPAK (North-West Continent to India-Pakistan) sea route. It links the Port of Klaipeda with the ports of India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and other countries.

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