CargoBeamer boosts combined transport between Germany and France

2022/03/28 at 3:19 PM

After launching the combined transport connection from Kaldenkirchen to Perpignan, CargoBeamer has added a new intermodal service between Germany and France. The new route was developed for a single customer. By linking Cologne and the Port of Sète, CargoBeamer participates in intensifying freight traffic on the multimodal corridor between Turkey and Europe.

Loading semi-trailers onto wagons for departing from Cologne to Sète, source: Cargobeamer

The new intermodal service, which is dedicated to moving semi-trailers, swap bodies and containers in pocket wagons, runs twice a week. Each train can transport up to 38 semi-trailers. CargoBeamer in a partnership with primeRail developed the new logistics solution between Cologne and Sète solely for one customer, the well-known Danish ferry operator DFDS. ” By establishing this service, which is specially tailored to the requirements of DFDS, we can once again expand our portfolio and send a strong signal to the market about how flexible our rail services can be,” said Boris Timm, COO of CargoBeamer.

More options

Besides the direct intermodal link between Germany and France, the new train from CargoBeamer opens up more options in moving semi-trailers, particularly to other countries. For instance, the vehicles can be transshipped to the DFDS ferries for further delivery to Yalova in Turkey by sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, CargoBeamer’s new connection allows the hauliers to tackle the rapidly increasing shortage of truck drivers in Europe since semi-trailers are moved between the termini without the drivers.

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