First in Poland: CLIP Group introduces innovative system for loading semi-trailers onto wagons

2022/03/14 at 3:39 PM

CLIP Group is moving further in developing its Rail Mega Hub Intermodal in Swarzędz near Poznań. Since early March, an innovative system for loading semi-trailers onto wagons without using reach stackers or cranes has been functioning at the facility. It is the first intermodal terminal in Poland with a solution of this type. The new system was applied for the intermodal connection between Poland and Luxembourg.

The Lohr Railway System, also known as the Modalohr System, was introduced by CLIP Group at its terminal in Swarzędz, close to Poznań, at the beginning of March. “For several years, it has been used in intermodal transport, mainly between France and Italy. Now it is also available in Poland,” the Polish company reports.

Loading semi-trailers with Modalohr System, source: CLIP Group

The new solution will intensify the rail shipments of semi-trailers on the Bettembourg – Swarzędz – Bettembourg route. The trains with semi-trailers run six times a week in each direction. Up to 24 semi-trailers can be moved per one shipment. According to CLIP Group, 24 trains loaded with semi-trailers can reduce the carbon footprint by 6,240 tonnes monthly.

Modalohr System

The key feature of the Modalohr System is the horizontal loading of semi-trailers without using reach stackers or cranes. To this end, it requires special pocket wagons that can be turned when loading or unloading. According to CLIP Group, the innovative system provides three advantages to the terminal operators: fast loading and unloading operations; the possibility of loading/unloading many wagons at the same time; no need to use additional lifting equipment. Currently, the Modalohr System is used on several routes from France to Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and vice versa.

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