Series-production electric trucks gain popularity in Europe

2022/03/10 at 2:09 PM

The end of February 2022 has set a milestone for the European road freight sector. After testing the prototypes, two leading German logistics providers, DB Schenker and Dachser, have added to their fleets the first series-production 19-tonne electric trucks. What advantages do the eActros vehicles provide to the road hauliers?

On the last day of February 2022, two major European logistics specialists, trying to get ahead of each other, introduced the new type of series-production electric heavy goods vehicles. It is about DB Schenker and Dachser that started to operate the fully-electric Mercedes-Benz eActros trucks on a regular basis. “The series eActros is an important component of our city delivery concept Dachser Emission-Free Delivery, which we are currently expanding to eleven European metropolitan regions,” said Stefan Hohm, Dachser’s CDO at the handover ceremony of a first series vehicle. In general, the company considers the wide range of services where the new trucks could be applied. DB Schenker is of a similar view.

eActros full-electric truck for DB Schenker, source: DB Schenker

Maximum distances

The eActros electric trucks are equipped with three or four battery packs, each of which has an installed capacity of 112 kilowatt-hours and a usable capacity of around 97 kilowatt-hours. This results in a distance the vehicle can travel without charging: up to 300 kilometres for trucks with three battery packs (eActros 300) and up to 400 kilometres for those with four packs (eActros 400). The eActros vehicles can be charged at stations with a charging power output of up to 160 kilowatts. Moreover, electrical energy can be recovered through recuperation when driving with care.

Aerodynamic design

The body with a high payload and a high transport volume for the Mercedes-Benz eActros trucks was developed by SPIER in aerodynamic design. By combining the roof spoiler, the profile edgings and caps that run along the entire body, the vehicle has a reduced drag coefficient and thus increased the range. The structure is adapted to customer needs, for example with regard to load securing options.

eActros full-electric truck for Dachser, source: Dachser

Low noise

Another feature of the eActros electric trucks is their interior noise level, which was reduced by 10 decibels — roughly corresponding to a halving of the perceptible noise level — which also contributes to increased driver comfort in full-load operation. Night deliveries are also possible thanks to the low noise level. In contrast to a diesel truck, there is also considerably less vibration. Such a reduction of the noise level became possible due to two integrated high-efficient electric motors. Their high starting torque ensures powerful acceleration, impressive driving comfort and driving dynamics that enable more relaxed, lower-stress driving than a conventional diesel-powered truck. Furthermore, the low centre of gravity improves cornering.

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