MMR Group TransComfort as one of the sponsors of the Systemy Kolejowe/ Forum Intermodalne conference

2022/03/10 at 3:55 PM

On 2-4 March 2022, the Systemy Kolejowe/ Forum Intermodalne [Railway Systems/ Intermodal Forum] conference was held in Wisła. MMR Group TransComfort, as one of the sponsors, presented the innovative SMCV track infrastructure diagnostics system.

The Systemy Kolejowe/ Forum Intermodalne [Railway Systems/ Intermodal Forum] conference is a Polish-Czech-Slovak initiative of the logistics and transport sector. The event is permanently included in the TSL industry and rail specialists’ calendar of meetings.

During the conference, MMR Group TransComfort presented the SMCV vertical load measurement system designed and developed in accordance with the EN 15654 standard (Railway – Measurement of vertical forces acting on wheels and wheelsets). The role of the system is to dynamically measure loads for each axle and wheel of the rolling stock, including the measurement of excessive loads, which result from shifted loads or incorrect loading. In January 2022, MMR Group TransComfort received an indefinite certificate of implementation admittance for the SMCV vertical load measurement system (No. PL 59 2022 0001) from the Urząd Transportu Kolejowego [Poland’s Office of Rail Transport]. The system is included in the group of “devices for detecting rail vehicle emergency conditions during train running and wagon loading irregularities”.

MMR Group TransComfort would like to thank you for a fruitful meeting and the opportunity to exchange experiences with experts from the TSL industry.

Joanna Kosterska, Advertisement and Public Relations Coordinator
+48 605 231 307

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