Volvo electric trucks conquer European road freight market

2022/02/21 at 3:04 PM

The European road freight market is gradually shifting towards sustainable transport. This has resulted in increased sales of electric trucks in 2021. Switzerland and Norway have the largest number of registered electric trucks with a minimum capacity of 16 tonnes or more. Meanwhile, Volvo Trucks has the largest market share.

346 electric trucks with a minimum capacity of 16 tonnes or more were registered in Europe (excluding the UK) in 2021, which means an increase of 193 per cent compared to 2020. Such data was published by IHS Markit, the London-based market analysis group. The countries with the most quantity of registered electric trucks are Switzerland (77), Norway (56), Sweden (47), the Netherlands (42) and Germany (37). Hungary, Poland and Czechia are the leading countries in Central Eastern Europe. They have seven, four and two vehicles of this type correspondingly.

Number of registered electric trucks in Europe in 2021, source: Volvo Trucks

Good start

As for Volvo Trucks, the Sweden-based manufacturer took orders, including letters of intent to buy, for more than 1,100 electric trucks worldwide in 2021. It has so far delivered electric vehicles to a wide range of customers in Europe, North America and Australia. The company’s target is that half of its total truck sales will be electric by 2030.

“We are determined to drive the electric truck revolution and our market-leading position in Europe is proof that we are doing just that. Clearly, these numbers show that we’re off to a very good start in sales. With the broader electric truck lineup, it will be possible to electrify nearly half of heavy road transport. This proportion will grow even larger as the distance that electric trucks can drive increases and the charging infrastructure for heavy trucks becomes further developed,” said Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

Battery-powered vehicles from Volvo Trucks, source: Volvo Trucks

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