PKP Cargo expands fleet of multisystem locomotives

2022/02/17 at 1:42 PM

Poland’s largest rail freight operator PKP Cargo is planning to increase the number of multisystem locomotives in its fleet. To this end, the company has purchased five more Vectron vehicles from Siemens Mobility. Moreover, the German manufacturer will fully maintain the ordered locomotives during the eight-year period.

The agreement between Siemens Mobility and PKP Cargo was concluded earlier this month after getting approval from the Supervisory Boards of the Polish rail freight operator. All five vehicles will be supplied in the first half of 2023. The deal is worth more than 139 million zloty (around 31 million euros).

Siemens Vectron locomotive of PKP Cargo, source: PKP Cargo

Besides the domestic market, PKP Cargo will run the locomotives in several other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. The German rolling stock manufacturer will also provide the maintenance of the new vehicles at Level 4 in the eight coming years after putting them into operation.

Previous deals

Due to the new order, PKP Cargo will increase the number of the Vectron multisystem locomotives in its fleet to 25 units. It is the third locomotive deal between Siemens Mobility and PKP Cargo. The parties have been cooperating since September 2015 when they signed the first contract for the delivery of 15 Vectron multisystem locomotives.

The first three vehicles of this type were supplied to the Polish company in January 2016 while the entire deal was finalised in May 2017. Two years later, in January 2019, PKP Cargo ordered five more Vectron locomotives. The multisystem vehicles allowed the railway undertaking to strengthen its presence on the Baltic-Adriatic corridor. Some of them are running from/to the Port of Koper under the PKP Cargo International brand.

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