Metrans to introduce electric truck for moving containers in Hungary

2022/02/17 at 2:59 PM

Metrans has demonstrated its first electric truck for moving containers in Hungary. The use of battery-powered heavy goods vehicles is a part of the company’s strategy aimed at developing door-to-door zero-emission intermodal services.

“As a part of the environmental strategy, Metrans now offers carbon-neutral transport not only by rail but also by road, thanks to the first e-truck on the Hungarian market,” the Czechia-based logistics company states.

The new vehicle will be added to the fleet of Metrans’ partner WIM Capital, which operates road transport. It will be mainly used in international transport. The Czech carrier from the HHLA Group is the first company in Hungary to offer 100 per cent carbon neutral transport services.

Metrans electric truck for moving containers in Hungary, source: Metrans

“The reduction of CO2 emissions in intermodal transport is a top priority for Metrans. The first domestic e-truck is another proof of our ambitions, as are our energy-efficient electric and hybrid locomotives or electric container cranes,” comments Peter Kiss, CEO of the Metrans Group.

The prototype e-truck was developed by converting the DAF XF Super Space Cab that includes the installation of a new electric motor and battery kit, which increased the weight of the vehicle by 130 kilogrammes. The truck has a range of 200 kilometres when fully loaded. It takes 5 hours to fully charge the battery with a 400-volt direct current 64-amper charger. However, when using fast charging, this time can be reduced to 2 hours. Electric trucks reduce not only exhaust and CO2 emissions, but also noise pollution.

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