IWS to build new warehouses at its terminal in Silesia

2022/02/17 at 4:04 PM

Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS), which has recently started transhipment at the new container terminal in Myszków, is planning to build high-bay warehouses. Thanks to the investments, the facility will be transformed into a logistics centre providing comprehensive services for the customers.

Konecranes reach stacker at the Myszków terminal, source: Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS)

Warehouses, manoeuvring yards, parking lots for trucks and a multifunctional logistics centre will be built at the terminal. The Myszków facility is adapted to handling containers, intermodal trailers but also other types of freight, such as steel products or wood. Furthermore, IWS provides additional services including container repair, washing and maintaining, container inspection, container and truck weighing as well as customs services.

Convenient location

Myszków is a perfect location for a modern logistics centre as it is located close to large urban and industrial centres in southern Poland (Silesian Agglomeration, Częstochowa, Kraków), thanks to which it provides quick access to end customers of intermodal services. The IWS terminal also has access to Rail Line No. 1 and is located in close proximity to the A1 motorway, S1 and DK 78 roads and the Central Rail Line (Line 4), which allows for direct and quick connections with various regions of Poland and neighbouring countries. Myszków is also close to the Katowice – Pyrzowice Airport, which is the largest airfreight terminal in Poland.

The geographic location of the Myszków terminal, source: OpenStreetMap

“Our location and the capabilities of our terminal certainly allow us to achieve real savings and benefits for shippers. Moreover, the short distances between the IWS terminal and the largest cities in the region enable fast cargo delivery. The investment plans currently being implemented will also allow us to offer our customers general cargo and other cargo storage services”, says Damian Szpindler.

IWS starts handling container trains at its terminal. The company has entered into an agreement with Jaxan for the railway service of the facility. The shunting works in the terminal will be performed by the SM42 locomotive, which has been renewed and has undergone an overhaul. Initially, one locomotive will be used for shunting works but, as IWS informs, the second vehicle of this type will be delivered in a few months.

To know more about the IWS terminal in Myszków, please contact Damian Szpindler

phone: +48 600 615 631

e-mail: ds@eiws.pl


SM42 locomotive at the Myszków terminal, source: Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS)

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