Port of Gdynia contributes to development of hydrogen technologies

2022/02/10 at 4:18 PM

Port of Gdynia participates in initiatives aimed at developing the hydrogen economy in Polish Pomerania, which is a part of the ‘green port’ strategy. Hydrogen fuel, which will be produced with the use of green energy, is one of the directions for decarbonising the maritime sector.

In October 2021, a sectoral agreement ‘Polish hydrogen strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040’ was signed. Among the signatories of the document, there were companies from the maritime industry, including the Port of Gdynia Authority, which is implementing the transformation of its activities in line with the ‘green port’ idea. In 2019, Port of Gdynia and PKP Energetyka initiated the ‘Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley’, coordinated by the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Coal Technologies.

Hydrogen economy. Illustrative image, source: Pixabay

Hydrogen fuel, in particular the so-called ‘green hydrogen’, whose production uses energy from renewable sources, can be of great importance in the decarbonisation of maritime transport and the operations of maritime terminal operators. Port of Gdynia was selected as the installation site of the Polish offshore wind farms, due to which it can be an initiator of the green transformation of the maritime industry in the Baltic Sea. According to experts, this is the right direction for strategic investments.

“It seems that in connection with the sectoral agreement for the development of the hydrogen economy signed in October 2021 and the ‘Polish hydrogen strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040’ published in December, as well as the EU policy in this area, these are appropriate. Hydrogen (ultimately green) is perceived today as the fuel of the future, which is also applicable to transport, including the sea. In many ports across the world, including the European ones, initiatives are taken to produce hydrogen, store it, distribute it and supply it to port facilities. Thanks to the implementation of investments in the potential for hydrogen production, Port of Gdynia could become a hydrogen hub in the near future, providing alternative fuel not only to port entities (i.e. terminal operators and others) and their customers but also, for example, to companies offering collective transport services, i.e. public transport companies and railway undertakings. The implementation of solutions supporting the reduction of GHG emissions in the Port of Gdynia will contribute to strengthening its image of a ‘green port’,” emphasises Hanna Klimek from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk.

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