Holland Shipyards develops electric tug for European ports

2022/02/04 at 10:38 AM

Holland Shipyards Group, a frontrunner for developing and building electric vessels, has developed the battery-powered harbour tug EDDY 24-50 E. Compared to the conventional boats of this type, she is featured with higher stability, safer operations and better performance. The Dutch manufacturer designed the innovative vessel for towing in European major ports.

EDDY 24-50 E battery-powered tug from Holland Shipyards, source: Holland Shipyards

The EDDY 24-50 E tug was developed is in line with the previously developed revolutionary EDDY TUG series. This product range has a slim hull shape, resulting in 30 per cent lower resistance. Due to the low staple point and low centre of gravity, the new vessel has good performance. Another advantage is the waterline shape has a winged profile, allowing the vessel to generate lift with the hull and thus generate most escort forces. EDDY sails intuitively and can rotate in 360 degrees, featuring a thruster at both sides of the ship.

Charging the batteries can be done in a few minutes, several times a day, or once a day over a longer period. The electrification of harbour tugs is quite beneficial given that charging systems for them are readily available. Holland Shipyards Group expects OPEX to shrink over time and such an investment could pay off within seven years. “Emission-free operations are not only a great way to work on sustainability, but it also has economic advantages, ” explained Holland Shipyards Group.

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