New trimodal terminal for steel logistics opened in Port of Duisburg

2022/02/01 at 11:14 AM

Haeger & Schmidt Logistics, a German specialist in moving steel products, has put into operation a new trimodal terminal in the Port of Duisburg. The multifunctional facility with a covered storage capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year is easily accessible for trains, trucks and barges. It is the highly demanded terminal for the Port of Duisburg and the steel industry. More than half of its storage space has already been booked by the customers before opening.

On Tuesday, 1 February, Haeger & Schmidt Logistics (HSL), a part of Felbermayr Group, has inaugurated its new trimodal terminal in Duisburg. It is located on the Steel Island (Stahlinsel) of the Port of Duisburg, which is a crucial port area for handling steel products: more than 1 million tonnes of steel are processed here annually. The German company invested around 12 million euros in constructing a new transhipment complex.

“This enormously expands our possibilities in the distribution of high-quality steel products. Together with our other multimodal port terminals in Krefeld as well as Linz and Vienna/Albern and the PSA Beakbulk joint venture in Antwerp, which has been in existence since last year, this location expansion is also a significant extension of our range of services,” said Horst Felbermayr, managing owner of the Felbermayr Group, at the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony of the new trimodal terminal in Port of Duisburg, source: Haeger & Schmidt Logistics (HSL)

Covered warehouse

HSL’s trimodal terminal in Duisburg consists of a covered and heated warehouse, dedicated infrastructure for trains and trucks as well as handling equipment. The covered hall has an area of 9,000 square metres and an annual capacity of around 60,000 tonnes for storing steel products. To maintain a necessary temperature inside, the warehouse is equipped with temperature control and underfloor heating systems. The handling operations are performed by an overhead crane, which has a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes.

Modes of transport

Moreover, the new trimodal terminal, which is considered by HSL as a hub, has two 210-metre-long tracks. According to the German steel logistics specialist, this is enough for handling one block train. Both tracks provide direct access inside the hall. The steel products can be also delivered to or shipped from the hall by trucks. To this end, there was organised a low-level truck yard with six ramps for fast transhipment as well as a truck forecourt with the self-handling counter for trucks. Since the new warehouse has access to the Ruhr river (and, therefore, to the Rhine), steel can be moved to/from the terminal by barges via the inland waterways.

Over half of the terminal capacity was booked before its official opening, source: Haeger & Schmidt Logistics (HSL)

Besides handling and storage at the new facility, HSL offers seaworthy stowage of the containers and expert unloading of the coils and sheets from the boxes. “With the new building, HSL is setting the course for significant growth in the area of high-quality steel products at the Duisburg location. The investment makes it possible to go deeper into the logistics chain and offer steel logistics from a single source,” noted Heiko Brückner, CEO of HSL.

High demand

HSL argues that the new trimodal terminal for handling steel products in the Port of Duisburg is the response to the high demand from the market. This is evidenced by an illustrative fact: over 50 per cent of the terminal capacity was booked before its official opening. “The combination of trimodality and extensive handling and storage capacities under one roof is in demand. We are closing a gap in the market and ‘indoor steel handling’ opens up a new customer base for us,” specified Per Nyström, HSL’s CFO.

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