Metrans increases prices for container transport to and via Hungary due to traction energy costs

2022/02/01 at 3:53 PM

Czech intermodal operator Metrans has introduced a new surcharge for moving containers to/from and via Hungary. It varies from 10 to 45 euros per TEU depending on the route. The rail freight connections to/from five European ports, mainly in Germany, have been affected by the price growth.

“With effect from 01.02.2022, we are introducing a traction energy surcharge which is launched to cover the increased traction energy costs that are already in force. This surcharge will be applied until 31.03.2022 for now, and in the first half of March, we will inform you of the next procedure, whether the surcharge remains in force or whether its amount changes,” Metrans informed its customers.

Metrans container train, source: Wikimedia Commons

The Czech company explained its decision by lack of feedback from the Hungarian rail infrastructure manager regarding the traction energy prices for 2022. “We still do not have clear information about a decrease in traction energy costs in the territory of Hungary,” the intermodal operator stated.

Traction energy surcharge

Metrans argues that the traction energy surcharge is a temporary measure. It will be charged additionally to the agreed prices for 2022 according to the following scheme. For the container transport from the Port of Koper to Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria, Poland and Germany or back, the customers will pay 20 extra euros per TEU and from Koper to Romania 45 extra euros per TEU.

The traction energy surcharge for moving boxes from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Duisburg to Hungary or back is 10 euros per TEU. The delivery from the four mentioned harbours to Romania additionally costs 35 euros per TEU. In spite of this price growth, both sides, the Czech operator and Hungarian infrastructure manager, are discussing the issue.

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