CMA CGM to focus on parcel delivery

2022/02/01 at 2:34 PM

CMA CGM Group, the French shipping company, continues to expand its range of logistics solutions. Among its latest developments in this regard is the acquisition of a 51 per cent stake in Colis Privé, a specialist in home and relay parcel delivery. The deal will allow CMA CGM to pay more attention to e-commerce and last-mile services.

CMA CGM acquires a major stake in Colis Privé, source: Colis Privé

The preliminary agreement between CMA CGM and Colis Privé will bring many benefits to both parties. With the acquisition of a majority stake in Colis Privé, the shipping giant will strengthen the presence of CEVA Logistics, its subsidiary, in e-commerce services, especially last-mile delivery. “This operation will enable us to offer end-to-end logistics solutions to our e-commerce customers for whom the last mile is a critical stage. By leveraging the global presence of our subsidiary CEVA Logistics, our ambition is to develop Colis Privé internationally, starting with Europe where the company is already established,” said Rodolphe Saadé, chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group.

Colis Privé specialises in home delivery for more than 200 online retailers, with a network of nearly 110 branches across France and a presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco and soon in the Netherlands. At the same time, CMA CGM will use its finances, technology backbone and international footprint to accelerate Colis Privé’s international expansion. As a result, Colis Privé will gain the benefit of CEVA Logistics’ expertise and network to expand both its business and its customer portfolios. “We are very pleased with the prospect of this operation with CMA CGM, a world leader in transport and logistics. It will enable Colis Privé to accelerate its development in France and internationally thanks to the synergies and complementarities with the activities of CEVA Logistics,” added Frédéric Pons and Eric Paumier, co-founders of Colis Privé.

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